Bone marrow edema (BME)

Paradigm’s formulation of PPS, ZILOSUL®, has multiple pharmacological properties that make it a strong candidate for the effective treatment of bone marrow edema lesions, or bone bruising, including those arising from sporting or accidental injuries. In 2016, we commenced an open label clinical trial to investigate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of ZILOSUL® in the treatment of patients with a ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury. The trial is progressing well, with ten patients treated, and close-out of the study expected in June 2017. Impressive clinical findings have been submitted for peer-reviewed publication.

Paradigm is preparing to commence a double-blinded, multi-site study to treat 60 patients with knee osteoarthritis associated with BME lesions, due to commence in Q2 2017.

Ross River Virus (RRV)

With reports of an increasing number of people infected in the recent outbreak of RRV in Victoria*, Paradigm believes that one of our products under development can offer hope for patients who currently lack effective treatment options for the persistent and debilitating arthritis and joint pain associated with chronic RRV.  Preparations for Phase II clinical trials in the treatment of RRV (Australia) and CHICKV (South America) have commenced. We will soon be submitting an ethics application to commence a trial in RRV patients in the second half of 2017.