Science from a different angle

Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals is taking a novel approach to addressing the growing need for effective, safe treatments for our targeted clinical indications – where there are currently limited options available to patients.

As scientists, we tend to look for evidence to support our theories. We target specific molecules. We pursue the new. But in the process, it’s possible to overlook or discard alternate, equally valuable avenues of inquiry.

Without doubt, some of medicine’s greatest opportunities have never come to light because a drug or molecule was consigned to the darkened corners of history before we had the time, technology or techniques to fully investigate it.

Combining cutting edge science and unparalleled experience, Paradigm is dedicated to identifying and liberating the true potential of under-utilised drugs and molecules to meet some of the world’s most significant unmet needs.

We are challenging conventional wisdom. We are looking at disease states with fresh eyes: asking what is the problem and how does the disease happen? We are interrogating molecules and their accepted indications. We are working across new, proprietary platforms. We are challenge each other daily. And we are finding connections never made before.

At Paradigm, we are approaching unmet needs from a completely different angle.

We are changing the paradigm around where the greatest potential lies